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Check out list of Popular Celebrities Owing late Murphy Afolabi as his burial committee issue a strong warnings

The sudden demise of a beloved celebrity often leads to an outpouring of grief and a desire to honor their memory. Such was the case with the untimely passing of Murphy Afolabi, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. However, a controversial twist has emerged as the burial committee for the late Murphy Afolabi has allegedly threatened popular celebrities to pay their dues towards his funeral arrangements.

The controversy surrounding Murphy Afolabi’s funeral arose when reports surfaced that the burial committee had sent intimidating messages to popular celebrities, demanding they contribute financially towards the funeral expenses. This demand, described by many as unprecedented and unsettling, has drawn mixed reactions from both the entertainment industry and the public.

The list of popular celebrities allegedly targeted by the burial committee includes actors, actresses, musicians, and other influential personalities from the entertainment world. While some celebrities have chosen to comply with the committee’s demand, others have voiced their concerns and refused to contribute, citing various reasons.

According to the committee, Adunni Ade has an outstanding debt of N250,000 to Murphy Afolabi, which remained unpaid prior to his untimely demise. In light of this, they made a direct plea to the actress, urging her to fulfill her financial obligation by returning the owed amount.

The committee’s statement resonated with a sense of urgency: “Adunni Ade, we implore you to promptly settle the N250,000 debt you owe the late Murphy Afolabi.”

Opponents of the demand, on the other hand, criticize the committee for resorting to coercion and threats, claiming that contributions should be voluntary, based on personal choice, and not a forced obligation. They argue that celebrities should be able to decide how they wish to honor the memory of their late colleague, without facing undue pressure.