“Dey Don Achieve Ika Of Africa Iphone” – Drama As Portable Iphone 14pro max stolen by a female, Instagram Account Name Change to her name (Photo)

Popular music producer Portable, also known as Ika of Africa, recently had his phone stolen, and his wife, Ashabi Simple, shared a post on her Instagram Stories about the incident. According to her post, Portable’s Instagram account name has been changed to “Elizabeth Joyce” by the thief. She warns everyone to disregard any business transactions with this account for the time being, as the person behind it seems to have ill intentions and may pose a threat to Portable’s safety.

In order to avoid falling victim to the scammer, Portable emphasized that anyone wishing to engage in business transactions with him should reach out to him directly by phone. This precautionary measure will help prevent any potential fraud and ensure that communication with the legitimate Portable is maintained.

A check on portable Instagram account confirmed truly that his account was hacked and the hacker have changed the name to Elizabeth Joyce but portable name is still showing up.

His words Read; ZAzuu The day is bright is bright and fair still my testimony am alive mo wa grateful,

Dey don archive me ooo, my iPhone 14 don go if you notice changes on my profile nah person wey stole my
phone wan hack me join ooo, so please for now confirm you are talking to me better still drop a call before doing any business with me online because my apps are also on the phone and the person Dey tamper with my account, God No Go Shame Us

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