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“Everybody keep saying I was responsible for Olaide Oyedeji marriage crash”- Actor Ayo Olaiya spills, shed lights on his relationship with colleague (Video)

Nollywood actor Ayo Olaiya opened up about his association with fellow actress Olaide Oyedeji during an interview on Biola Bayo’s Talkshow, “Talk To B.”

Addressing public perception, he acknowledged the tendency for people to point fingers at him regarding the breakdown of the actress’s marriage.

Ayo shared a memorable encounter with Laide, praising her outstanding performance in his series, “Jacob.” He revealed that Laide faced challenges during the filming of his movie, particularly with intimate scenes, leading many to speculate that it impacted her marriage negatively.

He recalled a situation abroad when a woman confronted him, holding him responsible for the marital issues of his colleagues due to the intimate scenes.

Regarding his bond with Laide, the married actor emphasized that there’s no intimate involvement between them, stating that even his creator can attest to this.

“I will never forget the day I met Laide as an actor. Being in my movie, Brother Jacob, she went through a lot. She did it so well that people started saying I was the one who sent her out of her matrimonial home. Meanwhile, she and her husband were having issues before I cast her in my movie.

I went to America and a woman confronted me over the sexual scenes in my movies, saying anytime I act with married women, they end up leaving their matrimonial home.

There is nothing between me and Laide. God is my witness”.