“Everyone knows what they are spending their money on” Mr. Latin finally responds, to veteran actors grovel for money online (Video)

There has been considerable discourse within the Nigerian entertainment industry regarding actors’ ownership of cars. While some celebrities proudly exhibit their luxurious vehicles, others, particularly the veteran actors, do not possess any.

Amidst this ongoing conversation, Mr Latin, a revered veteran actor and the National President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), has shared his valuable perspective. He highlights the importance of recognizing that individuals’ financial decisions and priorities are subjective and personal.

During a recent interview with BBC News Yoruba, Mr Latin, renowned for his notable contributions to the Nigerian film industry, addressed the matter. He stressed that it is unjust to judge actors solely based on their car ownership, as everyone has distinct financial responsibilities and priorities.

In regard to the matter of actors owning cars or not, the veteran actor emphasized that God has not endowed everyone equally. He stated that individuals are aware of their own expenses and how they choose to allocate their funds. Furthermore, he clarified that the notion of actors not supporting one another is untrue, but emphasized that active membership in their association is a prerequisite for receiving assistance.

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