“Halihamdulilah Aye Ope Yo” – Afeez Owo Rejoice As He Share Epic Throw Back Of Himself

Afeez Owo, a renowned Nigerian actor, took his social media followers on a nostalgic journey by sharing a heartfelt throwback photo captured at Lagos’ National Theatre.

The post, accompanied by the caption “Aye ope yo” (meaning “Thanks to God”), provided a poignant moment of introspection on his remarkable career in the entertainment industry and the numerous blessings that have enriched his life.

The sentimental snapshot portrays Afeez Owo during his early years as a budding actor, gracefully posing for the camera at the iconic National Theatre.

As he shared this treasured photograph, Afeez Owo conveyed profound gratitude to God for His unwavering support throughout his illustrious career.


The throwback post resonated with fans and industry colleagues alike, who took to the comments section to celebrate Afeez Owo’s journey and express their admiration for his achievements. Many praised his resilience, talent, and unwavering faith in the face of challenges.

See his post below;