“Have Been Dying In Silent, Have Lost Everything”- Gospel singer Busola Oke voice out as she narrate how Bayowa films cheated her because she refused to have s€x with her

Gospel singer Busola Oke, popularly known as Eleyele, has revealed a distressing experience involving her marketer, Bayowa Gbenga Adewusi, also known as Bayowa Films. In a viral video, Busola Oke alleges that Bayowa Films unfairly profited from her work, suggesting that this occurred after she resisted advances from him.

It’s crucial to emphasize that allegations of this nature can be sensitive and legally intricate. To ascertain the truth of such claims, legal proceedings or investigations may be required.

In her words, she said,

“My Marketer, Bayowa Films is now enjoying my sweat after cheating me. It is only God that will judge him. He is wicked and heartless. I did not allow him to sleep with me as he used to sleep with the other girls. I lost so many things that I have not yet recovered from. I sold everything I had. All the albums I released back then were sold out and he seized all the proceeds to himself”