“If my kids ask who helped me, I’d mention Olamide before my mother” – Bella Shmurda reveal

In a recent interview, renowned singer Bella Shmurda shed light on the significant role played by legendary rapper Olamide in helping him and other emerging artists establish themselves in the music industry.

Bella Shmurda, known for hits like “Cash App,” expressed deep admiration and respect for Olamide, highlighting him as an artist he holds in high regard.

During the interview, Bella Shmurda elaborated on how Olamide’s guidance and support have been instrumental in his journey to success. He credited Olamide for providing invaluable mentorship and creating opportunities for newer artists to thrive within the competitive music scene.

Bella Shmurda’s remarks underscore the impact of established figures like Olamide in nurturing talent and fostering growth within the industry. Through his words, Bella Shmurda not only acknowledges Olamide’s influence on his own career but also pays tribute to the broader contributions of mentors in shaping the next generation of music stars.

He disclosed that for many younger artists in the music industry, Olamide has been their guiding force, steering them into more advantageous positions.

Despite his international recognition, Olamide has chosen to remain grounded and extend a helping hand to aspiring artists, assisting them in achieving success in their respective music genres.

Bella Shmurda emphasized that if his children were to inquire about who has truly helped him in life, he would prioritize mentioning Olamide before even his own mother.

He went on to assert that, in his view, Olamide surpasses everyone else as the primary influence and support in his journey.