“Zazoo armpit dey smell” – Video trends as lady covers her nose as she meets singer Portable (Video)

A video featuring popular Nigerian singer Portable and a lady has gone viral on social media, sparking numerous reactions online.

In the clip, Portable, known for his hit “Zazoo Zeh,” appears shirtless as he meets a light-skinned lady.

Like many other admirers, the middle-aged woman is visibly excited to meet Portable, but things don’t unfold as expected.

As the lady attempted to hug Portable during their conversation, she instinctively covered her nose.

Despite her effort to remain composed in Portable’s presence, when he attempted to hug her again, she tightly covered her nose and subtly moved away, seemingly trying to avoid an unpleasant odor.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

yunggee_1313:  Portable Dey smell 👃 hin no Dey bath 🛁.

just1zee:  The girl confirm am twice 😂. Who notice 😂.

just1zee:  Brotherhood chairman. Why 😢😂.

principal0322: Dj chicken Don talk am… Portable waan runnn.

qhingqhaurs_asiyah: No be portable wey buy shirt 👕 last week don they naked so…

king_femisnow: Shey the armpit dey smell ni 😢.