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“It’s a survival of the fittest” – Kemi Afolabi Laments over the High Cost of Fuel

Nigerian Yoruba actress Kemi Afolabi recently utilized her official social media account to express her frustration regarding the surging fuel prices and inquired about how people are dealing with these challenging times. The actress, clearly disheartened, posted a video where she entered the amount of N37,300 into a POS machine, highlighting the fact that she now has to pay triple the regular price for fuel.

In her sincere message, she bemoaned the significant rise in fuel costs and emphasized the immense difficulty she faces in refilling her tank due to the inflated prices. She genuinely expressed concern and asked her followers about their coping mechanisms amidst the hardships caused by these circumstances.

Her caption stated, “To fill my tank, I now have to pay three times the usual price. How are all of you managing? Because it has been extremely tough.”

The post generated diverse responses online, as fans and fellow celebrities shared their personal viewpoints on the issue.

Kunle Afod remarked, “Yesterday, I purchased fuel for 30k, and it barely filled up a little over half of my tank.” Actress Omolara Kasali chimed in, saying, “Aunty, this is the first time I’ve ever spent 25k on fuel in my entire life.”

The rising fuel prices have undeniably affected individuals from different backgrounds, sparking concern and prompting conversations among both ordinary citizens and notable figures.