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Well-known veteran Yoruba actors Lalude beg for money for a car on social media (Watch)

A video has emerged online featuring Kamo, a renowned comedian called “Nepa Boys,” and Fatai Adekunle Adetayo, also known as Lalude, on the set of a movie.

In the video, Kamo can be seen speaking in Yoruba, appealing to his fans to kindly help Lalude acquire a car so that he no longer has to rely on motorcycles for transportation.

Not long ago, an amount of 4.6 million naira was raised for veteran actress Iya Gbonkan to assist her in completing her house and buying a car. This initiative was made possible through the efforts of the popular prophet Gabriel.

According to an online report, Pastor Gabriel, upon watching the video, got in touch with and personally visited the individual in Osogbo. Acting promptly, he started making arrangements by collecting funds from compassionate individuals worldwide, with the aim of turning Lalude’s dream into a tangible reality.

Currently, Lalude is on the verge of facing a situation similar to that of Iya Gbonkan. The Nigerian film industry, particularly the Yoruba sector, is undergoing significant changes, and veteran actors and actresses are encountering numerous challenges. However, their presence on social media is causing problems and having a negative impact on many of them.

Fatai Adekunle Adetayo, popularly known as “Lalude,” is a highly esteemed Yoruba actor in the Nollywood industry. With a career spanning more than four decades, Lalude has become a well-known name and an icon in Yoruba cinema. Renowned for his versatility, he has portrayed a wide range of characters, from comedic to serious and dramatic roles. Lalude’s unique voice, expressive face, and natural talent have endeared him to audiences of all generations.

Watch the full clip below;