“Mercy Johnson is my Biological sister” – Ghanaian Woman cries out, Share evidence (Video)

A Ghanaian woman, whose identity remains unknown, has recently garnered significant attention across various social media platforms with a captivating video in which she claims to be the younger sister of Mercy Johnson. She asserts that she is Mercy Johnson’s fourth sister from a different father and even provides photographic evidence to support her assertion. The video has quickly gained popularity on the internet.

The woman and her mother were reportedly guests on a stage where she expressed her distress to the presenter, who translated her words into her native language.

According to the presenter, the family is actively searching for Mercy Johnson and Daniel Johnson as they have lost touch with them.

The family earnestly appeals to Mercy Johnson to meet with them, as their prolonged absence has caused them immense grief.

The supposed sister of Mercy Johnson possesses several childhood pictures that seem to have been taken during her early years.

Watch video below;