“Don’t fall for it,” Wumi Toriola cautions her fans, as she delivers a Crucial Message.

Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has imparted a valuable piece of advice to her extensive fan base.The gifted actress strongly advised her numerous fans to avoid toxic love at all costs.

Wumi emphasized the deceptive nature of manipulation, cautioning her followers against falling prey to it.

“Take note, everyone. Manipulation can often disguise itself as love, so be vigilant and don’t allow yourself to be ensnared.”

Wumi Toriola confirms divorce

Recall that early this year, Wumi announced she is a divorcee.

The movie producer had confirmed that her marriage had crashed after barely three years.

Subtly informing her fans on her Instagram page, the actress posted a TikTok video of herself having to choose between single and married status. After minutes of dancing around the married option, she eventually settled for the single option.

And then in a post for the new year, the actress while reflecting revealed that in 2022 she walked away from a domestic violent and abusive relationship for her sanity’s sake.