“Mohbad Did not Listen When Naira Marley Correct Him”– New Audio Of Mohbad’s Father Defending Naira Marley Surfaces Online (Watch)

The Nigerian entertainment industry has been engulfed in turmoil following the sudden and tragic death of singer Mohbad. Speculation and controversy have surrounded the circumstances of his passing, initially implicating Naira Marley, the leader of Mohbad’s former record label. However, recent revelations have complicated the narrative, shedding new light on the situation.

A leaked audio recording has surfaced in which Mohbad’s father defends Naira Marley, introducing additional controversial elements to the story. This latest development raises intriguing questions about the intricate dynamics and relationships within the music industry related to Mohbad’s untimely demise.

The recently leaked audio recording features Mohbad’s father emphatically stating that Naira Marley and Sam Larry had no involvement in his son’s death. This revelation presents an alternative perspective and raises questions about earlier assumptions regarding the singer’s tragic passing. The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s demise remain intricate and open to different interpretations.

”Naira Marley only use to “correct” Mohbad, but Mohbad did not hear word. Naira Marley is not a bad person, what he only did was to show Mohbad that he is bigger than him.”

It seems glaring that Mohbad’s father is scared or Naira Marley has paid him already, but it will be sad if he accepts money over his son death.

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