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“My 9months went in vain” – Nigerian lady breaks into tears as baby dies during delivery, stirs emotional reactions (Video)

A grieving Nigerian woman sheds tears as she mourns the loss of her baby, who tragically passed away during childbirth.

Identified as @jiahairline on TikTok, she tearfully shared her heartbreaking story in a widely circulated video.

In the poignant footage, she expressed deep sorrow, lamenting that her nine months of pregnancy and the accompanying stress appeared to have been in vain.

Despite her sadness and emotional turmoil, she acknowledged that she couldn’t question the ways of God.

She accompanied the video with the caption; “My 9 months went in vain. Who am I to question God?”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

oyinadejoke: i went through CS nd still not see my baby….my sis I got preg after seven mnth nd was bless with TWINS GIRLS.may GOD wipes ur tears with TRIPLETS.

Larry_ Stitches: 💕🪡✂️ I went through cs since😔 2013 and I lost the baby still now I have not get pregnant 🥲😭😭I know one day God will d it😭.

Jennnyperry: 😭😭💔Too all of us going true this pain, I pray God hill our heart and bless us 🙏😭.

Olamide Modesola: This was me last year January and to God be the glory, I’ll be naming my baby on Thursday. Wipe ur tears my dear because God is about to make u happy.

bukolami: I went through cs but am not even able to see the babies.I was told they are inside incubator that till after 1week before I will be able to see them without knowing they already bury them😭.

Lovie: this was me last week…i thought about it where do i start from i blame myself i blame my body for not being able to bring forth a living baby…

coperatecomputers: take heart….my wife lost our baby boy too few minutes after birth in Sept 2023. alhamdulilai she’s 3 month pregnant now.