Nurse Who Injected Mohbad In The Hospital Has Being Arrested (Details)

Popular faceless blogger Gistloverblog has shared some good news on his Instagram.

The blogger revealed that the nurse who administered the injection to Mohbad has been arrested and is currently at the police station undergoing questioning.

Another set of good news is that shared by Gistloverblog is that MTV base, Sound City has also placed a ban on Malian music’s.

Sharing the good news gives joy to everyone seeking justice for Mohbad.

See the post below.

See social media reaction below;

Crystalclovercouture: Funny how some of your top celeb no even say anything 😏😏Wahala for who dey Stan anyone

Mc_shortman91: Gather here for mohbad ❤️🔥 I swear u that tap shall never go young aje long life and prosperity 🔥to us 🙏

Chef_ivyjohns: This one na just chin chin… what is coming is bigger than him. Body go tell am.

Estimdhouse: @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet we can petition you tube to stop payment on his music base on what is going on, an American 🇺🇸 artist was petition too and you tube honors it, let stop another source of income

Mercy_joyce: Some of my IG friends wey still dey follow Naira Marley and Zino I don unfollow all of them. Awon Ashiere

Thelegitkim: I done cry tire my eyes are painting me already,this guy is allover me,i took alcohol to take my mind off him but No his picture always pooping on my mind😢

Kampal_juwon: Gistloversblog for President. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated. Also, to everyone, online voices and offline voices, thank you. It will end in Success👏👏

Moh_light_: From the video that the friend declared him dead… Please why did they choke his neck? Some hands relax on his tommy too… The guy took away the camera very quickly blocking every means to see if he was breathing. Also looking at MOH’s jaw they were still active like a tight Jaw muscles. A bit of sign he wanted to move from the jaw side but the hand covered that part. And no one his talking about that friend crying in the car while announcing his death. And who owns all the hands placed on him? The clear video is on my page. Now why was the father eager to bury him in the middle of the night if he wasn’t stopped? I’m a Muslim to the core. But, never would they think of burying someone In the middle of the night. If he was clean or not threatened. I thought he was meant to pray over night if not more nights for God’s miracle. I thought he was a pastor.. He’d so much dream. But to pray exceptionally after they declared him dead he couldn’t. He still felt comfortable burying his own pain(child) in pains by bending his neck. Why was the concrete done so crazily? He didn’t even bother about justice… You’re a father and you’re meant to die even if it takes your last breathe for your son justice regardless of him been the breadwinner. But, you became a coward because of threat over your child they made you lose? He dreamt about people attacking his son. You saw so much evidence of threat everywhere even know your son was not at peace and yet you’d the gut say, “Naira knows nothing about it, he just wanted to show him seniority” Ahhh!!! There are so many questions. Questions how hard to ask. So you can understand exactly how We feel. But then, Can our broken heart get back to heal? Will We ever get to know the truth some day? I’m in so much pain 😪💔.