“Omo! He pained me, and I don abûse those who can help me” Wumi Toriola laments as she refunds over 3 million to her business partners

Nollywood actress and single mother of two, Wumi Toriola, shared her frustration after returning 3 million to her business partners due to a contract that fell through.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, she explained the refund stemmed from health issues that affected her ability to fulfill the contract. Despite facing challenges in the early months of the year, she stressed the significance of prioritizing health over financial gains.

Expressing her disappointment, Wumi also advised those who admire her to seek assistance elsewhere given her current circumstances.

“Refunding over 3m this month cos I was slightly indisposed and Jan/Feb/March don even go. Still, health is wealth.

Omo dis one pain me Sha to everyone looking up to me in Dec, e be like say we go gather look sky ooo. Ko fe juicy rara

Still, health is wealth.
Glory to God.
But low-key I’m pained Sha.
And I don abuse all the “I just got back”.
Can I just be real for 20mins”.

Recall that Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola thanks God for her latest success in the movie industry.

Social media users reacted with delight when the actress revealed that her movie “My Twin” had received over two million views on YouTube.

Thanking God and her supporters for their unwavering support throughout her career, Wunmi Toriola expressed her gratitude.

She wrote,”🎉 Celebrating 2 Million Views on YouTube for “MY TWIN” part one.This is GOD.I am incredibly grateful and thrilled to let you all know that my new movie “MY TWIN” part 1 has reached a remarkable milestone of 2 million views!

This journey has been nothing short of amazing, and I owe it all to each and every one of you who have supported, watched, and shared my content. Your love and support have made this achievement possible.

Your engagement, feedback, and encouragement continue to inspire me every day.Let’s keep the momentum going!
MY TWIN part 1/2&3 still showing on YouTube via ApataTV+ channel.Stay tuned for more insightful content.Here’s to many more milestones ahead! 🥂🚀

On a very light note, “IYIN” showing next on my YouTube channel.
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