“Omo! This Matter Go Long Ooo”– Drama As Nkechi Blessing Finally Visits Blessing CEO Office For A Physical Boxing Match Today (Watch)

Nkechi Blessing has escalated her online dispute with Blessing Okoro, taking a more direct approach in their ongoing feud.

Amid their prolonged conflict, both parties have resumed their online back-and-forth, exchanging verbal jabs.

In a bold move to counter the ongoing dispute, Nkechi Blessing visited Blessing Okoro’s well-known treatment lounge, “Break it or make it,” and openly challenged her to a face-to-face confrontation.

Nkechi Blessing escalated the conflict by labeling Blessing Okoro an ex-convict, urging her to come outside for a resolution. She expressed intentions to physically confront Okoro, vowing to use blows to address what she referred to as Okoro’s fake Nyash, and described her as a cursed human creature.

Nkechi Blessing asserted on her Instagram page that she doesn’t walk away from a confrontation, stating that even if Blessing Okoro relocates from Lagos to Enugu, she will track her down there.

Blessing Okoro criticized Nkechi Blessing, exposing that Nkechi was in a relationship with a younger man and claimed to have the full details. Okoro also accused Nkechi of desperation for marriage, alleging that Nkechi falsely declared herself married to Opeyemi Falegan and even obtained a ring as proof.

Blessing Okoro criticized Nkechi Blessing for being all talk and no action, suggesting that this might be the reason Nkechi resorted to physically confronting her—to demonstrate she could take real action rather than just shouting.

Nkechi Blessing Wrote: