“Omobewaji Is Not My First Wife”– Portable Reveal More Hidden Details About His Marital Affair (Video)

Nigerian musician Portable, born Habeeb Okikiola, has left everyone astounded by a significant disclosure regarding his marital status.

In a candid conversation on the Honest Bunch Podcast, the artist renowned for his provocative viewpoints revealed that his widely presumed first wife, Omobewaji, is not actually his initial spouse.

He elaborated that their connection initially resembled a father-daughter dynamic, but over time, it transformed into a romantic relationship. Portable disclosed that Bewaji remained unwavering and stood by him, offering support even when his other romantic partners were skeptical of him and found his demeanor unconventional.

Additionally, the singer admitted that he frequently checks his wife’s phone to prevent anyone from giving her misguided advice or manipulating her to his disadvantage.

He emphasized that he doesn’t permit his side relationships to rival or challenge the importance of his wife.

“If you can’t take care of one woman, don’t marry two women. One man for all women, all women for one man. That Bewaji wey una dey see for my house, she isn’t the first wife. She was my daughter, but my girlfriends at that time were disappointing me. She was always sending me money and telling me she is building her tomorrow with me.

I told her that I had a wife that was disappointing me and she was the only one who believed in me.

I check my wife’s phone every day so they wouldn’t use her to kill me or wrongfully advise her. They call my woman a strong woman but who makes her strong? If I don’t take care of my woman, una go see am like that”.

Watch the video below;