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“Inside Life” – Mixed Reactions Trails As Woman weeps profusely after son’s private part was ‘stolen’ by an unidentified man, video trends (Watch)

A video has surfaced, depicting a heart-wrenching scene in which a distraught woman tearfully asserts that her son’s private area was taken by an unidentified man.

The emotional mother is surrounded by concerned neighbors who attempt to console her during her anguished cries.

While the exact circumstances of the alleged incident remain unclear, a woman’s voice can be heard in the video’s background recounting the ordeal.

As per the woman’s account, a man engaged in deceitful actions and sought to shield himself from an influential individual, only to discover that his genitalia had vanished.

Watch videk below;

The video generated massive reactions as social media users expressed their disbelief. They rushed to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

ksolo_hitz said, “Omo some years back I thought this was not real until it happened to a friend luckily we caught the man and he returned it. My guy had to test it with olosho even while he was still a virgin luckily the thing stand firm like log of wood”.

samvail__ said, “This thing Dey happen really? Make them show us the empty divk space.”

akinremiadetutu said, “This woman and her son should be arrested and put behind bars for causing a public nuisance, after they will say it’s a skit, are people so d*mb to still believe in this shenanigans in 2023? Like seriously? What kind of mumu thing be dis 🤦”.

official_djalonso said, “I still don’t understand how this works, like the Private part will disappear? What will now remain there?”