“Reason Why I Dumped Islam To Worship Ifa”– Yoruba Actress, Adenike Alajogun Reveals Despite Visiting Hajj For Seven (7) Times

UK-based Nollywood actress and socialite, Adenike Alajogun, shared her journey of transitioning from Islam to Ifa religion in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist Gbolahan Adetayo. This revelation coincided with her birthday on Monday, November 27th, 2023, amidst social media buzz.

Adenike attributes her shift to Ifa worship to a quest for personal truth and Eledumare’s will. Born into a Christian family with ancestral ties to Ifa worship, she stresses that this choice was deeply personal. Her husband, hailing from the Afobaje family in Imeko, Ogun State, also embraces traditional beliefs, supporting her decision.

Despite undertaking seven pilgrimages to Mecca, Adenike revealed that she didn’t find spiritual fulfillment until she embraced her forefathers’ traditions. She expressed a newfound sense of comfort, confidence, and feeling at home, stating, “I feel grounded now in my beliefs.”

Addressing the change in her name from Anike to Adenike, she clarifies that Anike is an Oriki (appellation), not a name, while Adenike signifies a real name. She associates “Ade” in Adenike with the crown on her Oracle “Ade Ori Ifa Mi,” emphasizing Ifa’s significance. Adenike proudly declared herself Iyanifa since August 2020, sharing her deep connection to Ifa through her family’s background.

Celebrating her birthday, Adenike expresses gratitude for another year with her family. Despite challenges in transitioning from established religions, she remains resolute in her commitment to Ifa. Looking ahead, she reveals plans to produce a movie detailing her journey back to her forefathers’ religion, promising an enlightening story for all.

In her words, “I won’t really say what brought me back to Isese, but I am planning a movie towards it soon where everyone will see the reason.”