“See, I used to travel with her for 2weeks and no body will ask about her” Actor Yemi My Lover opens up on his relationship with gospel singer, Tope Alabi (Video)

Yemi My Lover’s candidness regarding his relationship with gospel singer Tope Alabi, particularly if it involves challenges, introduces an intriguing aspect to the complexities within the entertainment industry. These disclosures tend to captivate public interest, sparking discussions about relationships among well-known personalities.

In an interview with Biola Bayo, on her Talk Show, Talk To B, recounted their times together and how Tope Alabi went through extra mile to get to him. He disclosed that the gospel singer is one of those in the industry, who passed through him.

According to him, they would go to her house in Oshodi and her mother even trusted and handed the singer over to him to take care of her. Bragging, he stated that he isn’t one of such artists who sleeps around with his workers.

Speaking on their current relationship status, he stated that they are both good to each other.

Tope Alabi is one of those who passed through me in the industry. We are both good to each other.

I remember the year that she said it herself when she got to my place that she had been looking for me for over a year or two. I said the other time that we don’t know the value of what this work carries. You might want to see an artiste then, and you will be searching for two years or more before you see them. Eventually, she went through a lot to see me and she got my place and I accepted her wholly because she was hardworking and gifted with music. When she was with me, we used to go to their house in Oshodi. We can go away for a week or 2 and her mother wouldn’t be worried or bothered because she had already handed her over to me. Because I am not that rubbish artiste, that cannot be trusted with girls. When she was with me, I saw her musical talent, but she wasn’t that good at acting”.