“She Is Too Proud Of Her Asset”– Fans Says As She Actress Olaide Oyedeji Flaunt Her Big Acquired Asset At Nkechi Blessing Event (Watch)

Following a surgical procedure, Nollywood actress Olaide Oyedeji has been openly displaying her upgraded appearance to the public eye.

Making her presence known during her colleague Nkechi Blessing’s store opening, the Yoruba actress confidently exhibited her surgically enhanced physique.

In an online video, Olaide was captured confidently walking and proudly displaying her improved features for everyone to admire.

As anticipated, numerous individuals voiced their dissatisfaction in her comment section, with one person even questioning whether her behavior was a contributing factor to her marital separation.

One Jokky Nikky wrote, “She is proud of her Yansh

One Olatunji wrote, “Keep disgracing your family

One Buka Biks wrote, “Olaide sha wants to be known and famous because of money and fame. What is all this rubbish Bayo

One Linda Ajayi wrote, “Laide you are sick you need help”.

Watch The Video Below;