“Thank for being the mother I don’t have” Bimpe Akintunde cries like a baby as she express gratitude to her senior Toyosi Adesanya (Video)

Actress Bimpe Akintunde expresses her gratitude to senior colleague Toyosi Adesanya for the support she provided during her wedding. Bimpe, a well-known figure in Nollywood, recently expressed her deep appreciation to Toyosi.

During her wedding ceremony on Sunday, June 25th, Bimpe was pleasantly surprised to find Toyosi among the guests.

Bimpe warmly remembers informing Toyosi about her upcoming wedding just a day before the event and explicitly asking her not to attend. Despite Bimpe’s request, Toyosi chose to ignore it and made an unforeseen appearance at the occasion.

Bimpe Akintunde expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Toyosi Adesanya, acknowledging her as both a motherly figure and a mother to her. She commended Toyosi for consistently demonstrating this role and proving it time and again. Despite Bimpe’s request for her not to attend, Toyosi insisted on being present and showing her support, which deeply touched Bimpe’s heart.

In response to Bimpe’s appreciation, Toyosi Adesanya praised her for the woman she is evolving into, expressing gratitude for her growth and development.

Bimpe’s words: “You are my Mother, my mother figure @officialadesanyatoyosi, and you won’t stop proving to me at every given opportunity. I just called to tell you on Saturday, I asked you not to bother coming but you insisted!!! Iyeeee mi @officialadesanyatoyosi I truly appreciate you ma. Thank you for always Iya Iyawo.”

Toyosi’s response: “Thank God for the woman you are becoming.”

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