“Thank You For Making Me Strong My Blessings Queen”– Portable First Omobewaji Advise Him To Move On After His Manager Babyluv Remove His Name

A dispute has unfolded between Portable, his manager Babyluv, and Unique Motors, resulting in Babyluv removing Portable’s name from his Instagram page.

Omobewaji, his wife, advises him to let go and trust that things will work out for the best through God’s guidance.

While Babyluv hasn’t officially confirmed parting ways with Portable, tensions hint at a potential rift in their working relationship.

hoyeh_richie_blog JUST IN; portable manager removed portable name from her bio,what’s going on guys ??? Una think say this manger is about to be on her own lonely?

This life never tell them where you dey see your bread make them no go kill the baker burn the bakery
Make una help me ask her why she removed my name from her bio. Na you be unique motors? No be manager you be? So now Artist no get right to speak out his mind and what he want? Are you managing me or packaging me? Na you dey feed me, why talk to me anyhow with no respect as my manager

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