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“They Must marry me for this family” – Lady works very hard at boyfriend’s house, washes loads of plates and Pots Spill (Video)

A resilient Nigerian woman is actively seeking marriage and has been making significant efforts by diligently working and washing a substantial number of dishes at her boyfriend’s residence.

A TikTok video, which has become quite popular, portrays the woman immersed in the chore of washing a considerable stack of dishes that were utilized by her boyfriend’s relatives.

In the video, she candidly expresses her sincere desire to become a part of her partner’s family, revealing her profound longing for a union with them.

“They must marry me for this family. Na since yesterday I don do iyawo ile work. Emi mi ti fe bo”, she wrote.

@motoola55 reacted: “If they now call you our wife, the energy go rise again. U go come Dey wash the gate 🤣.”

@crownsbeautysalon1 said: “Me wey my in-law no gree give me meat because i no follow dem peel maggi 🤣.”

@fouxyaleeyous said: “It’s the kneeling for the boy for me? awon baba oko kekere😂.”

@oluwakemi45 said: “See the way u kneel down greet in-law 😂😂they must marry u oo if not blood go flow.”

@bolami1888 added: “I do pass u, laslas we no marry each other, Weldon sister olopoo.”

@simplyelegantapparel said: “Me wey be say i lazy like med 😂😂😂 wo i go just pretend to be sick😂.”

@tbaby725 added: “Funny enough na me dey go marry.”

Watch the video below;