Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Education, Family, Net-worth and Movie

Wale Akorede, widely known as Okunu, is a highly talented figure in the Nigerian film industry, excelling as an actor, scriptwriter, director, and producer.

He has garnered immense popularity for his remarkable comedic skills, particularly in Yoruba movies. With a prolific career, he has not only delivered outstanding performances as an actor but has also taken on the roles of producer and director in a substantial number of films.

His exceptional talent and humorous portrayals have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim among audiences.

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography

Wale Akorede, a comedic actor and producer in Nollywood, was born on November 5th in Ibadan. Although he was raised in Ibadan, he hails from Ogbomosho in Oyo State.

Wale Akorede Okunu Education

Following his completion of primary and secondary education, Okunu pursued further studies at Ibadan State Polytechnic, where he earned an OND degree in Fine Arts.

Wale Akorede Okunu Career

Wale Akorede’s journey in acting began in 1984. However, he fully immersed himself in the world of acting after several years, during which he balanced his business pursuits and completed his graduation. His flair for acting was evident even during his primary and secondary school days, although his parents…

After completing his tertiary education, Wale Akorede delved into the business world while nurturing his aspirations to become an actor. Eventually, the opportunity to pursue his passion arose through the encouragement of his fellow accomplished actor, Muyiwa Ademola.

Wale Akorede is a versatile actor capable of delivering impeccable performances in any role, but he has a particular fondness for farcical characters, as he feels a natural connection with them, allowing him to effortlessly portray such roles. Over time, he has evolved not only into a renowned actor but also a prolific producer and director, boasting an impressive portfolio of movies under his name.

Wale Akorede Okunu Movies

Wale Akorede has acted, produced and directed several movies, his most popular movies are  Ise imole and Last days.

List of some of his movies are;

  • Oba Korope
  • Omo olusho
  • Kariile
  • Gbarada
  • Iyebiye
  • Omoanibiire
  • Iya paiko
  • Igbeyawo Rebecca
  • Layepe
  • Ebun Oluwa
  • Abara meji
  • Mallam Musa
  • Afolayan
  • Eyitayo
  • Kofun
  • Iyawo Baba
  • Ayederu
  • Okirika
  • Gbajumo and so on.

Wale Akorede Family

Wale Akorede is happily married to the love of his life, and their union is blessed with three children; a boy and two girls.

Wale Akorede Children

How many children does Wale Akorede have? Wale Akorede has three children, a boy and two girls.

Wale Akorede Net Worth

Wale Akorede’s approximate net worth is valued at 500,000 dollars.