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“What Have Done To Deserves This”– Drama As Fear Grip Comedian Lizzy Jay As Her $€x Video Set To Surface Online (See Full Chat|Video)

This week has been marked by a plethora of dramatic events, ranging from actress Moyo Lawal’s videos to the tragic passing of the popular singer Mohbad.

Lizzy Jay shared a post on her Instagram page, but it was swiftly deleted. The post disclosed how a hacker had infiltrated her email and attempted to extort her using a sensitive video that had been sent to her medical doctor for diagnosis.

Before deleting the video on her Instagram page we have already screenshot and copied all the videos and chats with her doctor for clarification, it was noted that the comic actress later released a video to address the issues online.

See What She Wrote On Her Instagram;

iamlizzyjay 1st slide was me telling my Doctor about the pile I have and he explaining to me that it was as a result of the opiod drugs (analgesic)I have been taking.

… 2nd slide was me complaining about having cramp and

bleeding just after using an analgesic. …3rd slide was Me complaining about the itching and rashes have on my body and Vjay.

…4th slide is another screenshot(from my Doctor’s POV) of my complaint to my doctor. You could see the date (Aug 7) … 5th slide is also another copy of screenshot of chat from my Doctor’s POV

…6th slide, I finally asked if I could send my doctor a picture of

the rashes which led to me making a video. I was going to

send him a video cos I feel video definitely shows things clearer than picture, (it’s just like how a video will show a cloth better than a picture). After making the video, I couldn’t get myself to send it, so I just screenshot a part of the video and sent to my Doctor. …7th slide was after I had fully recovered from many many

symptoms and my Doctor making jest of me as to why I wouldn’t let him me. …8th slide contains the mails the blackmailer sent to me, First

he used my old email account ([email protected]) that he hacked into to send a mail to my new account([email protected]), then

later use another email address ([email protected]) ….9th slide is also one of the videos I made and sent to my doctor showing him the sores in my mouth causing me not to eat well, and the rashes on some part of my body, all these as a result of some medications I was on. (Cos I’m seeing some of you saying “Why did she make a video and not a picture”..

Well I made several videos of every reaction and changes my body was experiencing at every point in time.) ….10th slide was in 2021 when a Father was telling me he noticed my email address has been hacked. I made a post on it on my Instagram then that someone has hacked into my old address (I couldn’t find it on my page anymore, I guess | deleted it)

Left to me I wouldn’t say anything about this, lyalaya anybody, my conscience is clear and I don’t care what anyone choose to believe or not. But my management insists I do this.

iamlizzyjay And this is the last thing I will be posting about this…I would allow the police and my legal team do their work Offline.

My birthday is in few days, I just want to have fun henceforth and have a very happy birthday. […]

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