“What i will do If i catch my man cheating with another woman” – Actress, Rachael Okonkwo

In an enlightening interview with Potpourri, the esteemed Nollywood actress Rachael Okonkwo shared her thoughts on Nigerian men and provided her perspective on how she would handle a situation where her partner was caught cheating with another woman.

Despite her inclination for maintaining a certain level of privacy, Okonkwo, who is often recognized by her famous alias “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka,” openly expressed her sincere opinions about Nigerian men.

According to her, Nigerian men are affectionate partners, yet they tend to engage in infidelity due to their inherent inclination towards polygamy. While some of them display great care and consideration, others do not. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that I have a fondness for Nigerian men,” she remarked.

When asked if her heart had ever been broken, she gave a reply.

“I have been heartbroken once (some years ago) and I won’t let it happen again,” she replied.

The actress also revealed what she would do if she catches her man in bed with another woman.

“Jesus! I can’t even imagine that but if it ever happens that will be the end of it. If I catch him with a woman I will feel bad but if he sincerely apologises I will give him a second chance,” she stated.

Rechael Okonkwo’s alluring pictures flooded the timelines of her colleagues when she celebrated her birthday last week.