Yetunde Barnabas Excited with joy as her husband eases her stress in a grand way (Video)

Currently, Nollywood actress Yetunde Barnabas and her footballer husband, Olayinka Peters, are delighting in a shared vacation experience.

Taking to Instagram, Yetunde Barnabas posted pictures of the couple aboard a plane, revealing that her husband had organized a trip to the Maldives with the intention of providing her with relaxation and stress relief.

This vacation holds an added special meaning as it aligns with their anniversary month, turning it into a dual celebration for the couple.

“My Zaddy said it’s time to ease my stress plus it’s our Anniversary Month. Who am I to say no”.

I’m A Certified Therapist – Yetunde Barnabas Says

Yetunde Barnabas is a well-known Nollywood actress who has appeared in several popular films and television shows. She recently announced that she has become a certified therapist, which is a significant accomplishment that deserves recognition.

Becoming a certified therapist requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and it is impressive that Yetunde was able to complete the course despite being pregnant and giving birth. She shared some photos of herself in a graduation gown with her friends, which is a great way to celebrate this achievement and inspire others who may be considering a similar career path.

In her social media post, Yetunde emphasized that being a certified therapist is something to be proud of, and that she plans to rebrand and take advantage of this new credential. She expressed gratitude to the school where she completed the course, as well as to her friends, fans, and fellow students who supported her throughout the process.