“Why Always Me, Shemi Ni Kan Ni”– Actress Iyabo Ojo React Has Her Colleagues Actress Lola Alao Called Her Out Over Given Her Sleepless Nights On This….(Watch)

Once more, the spotlight is on Nollywood’s Iyabo Ojo after Lola Alao’s recent call-out.

Lola shared on Instagram that despite pleas from Mercy Aigbe, Toyin Abraham, and Sharon not to call out Iyabo, she proceeded to reveal how Iyabo’s support in promoting her clothing line during a visit to Canada led to a surge in daily orders globally.

Lola expressed gratitude and hailed Iyabo as a blessed individual for greatly enhancing her sales.

“I brought Iyabo Ojo’s issue to you. Although Toyin, Mercy, and Sharon have begged me that I shouldn’t do it, if I don’t it wouldn’t be good because Iyabo stressed me.
I was in Canada when Iyabo Ojo came to promote a cloth for me. Since Iyabo advertised the clothes, I haven’t heard rest of mind. People have been calling me from London, America, and Canada. They said they wanted the specific clothes that Iyabo Ojo wore. How many of you have younger sisters who would be advertising clothes for you and it would sell out? I appreciate you, I love you. I have had sleepless nights because of orders. God will bless you, and God will reward you. Anyone that doesn’t know you, don’t know that you’re a child of blessing”.

Reacting to it, Iyabo revealed she was initially scared upon seeing the video, questioning what she did to Lola. However, her heart adjusted after watching the video in its entirety.

Iyabo appreciated Lola for acknowledging her impact and expressed her love for her.

“When I first saw this video, I was like wetin I do again ooo.
My heart don adjust back, thanks for the appreciation post, you’re a wonderful soul, I got your back, any day anytime, my darling sisto of life, @iamlolaalao love you scatter”.

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