“Why Are Nigerians Against Mohbad Father Who Raise Him, And Supported His Mother Who Abandoned Him” – Nigerian Man Asks Celebrities (VIDEO)

It is regrettable to learn that the late singer’s family is currently facing a challenging situation, with his father encountering severe insults and accusations. In such emotionally charged circumstances, a comprehensive and impartial investigation is necessary to establish the facts.

These concerns have arisen due to various allegations and accusations from certain individuals suggesting that Mohbad’s father might have played a role in his untimely passing, leading to a hasty burial.

The man conveyed his sympathy for Mohbad’s father, who had worked tirelessly to raise the singer on his own since his mother’s departure 14 years ago. He lamented that the world had now turned against him.

He discussed Mohbad’s mother, who had departed when the singer was very young and is now said to be enjoying the comforts of air conditioning in the late singer’s home in Lekki. Meanwhile, it’s the father who is facing a different, less sympathetic situation from Nigerians.