Yoruba Actress Apinke celebrate 15 years anniversary of Late Alade Aromire after death

Apinke, a well-known Nigerian actress, took to social media recently to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the passing of the legendary actor, Alade Aromire.

In a heartfelt tribute, she honored his memory and reflected on his remarkable achievements in the Nigerian film industry, acknowledging the significant influence he had on her own professional journey.

Through a poignant update on Instagram, Apinke expressed her sincere admiration and appreciation for the late Alade Aromire, acknowledging his exceptional talent as an actor and his pivotal role in shaping the Nigerian film industry.

She wrote, ”
This day 15years ago you left without saying goodbye to us all OGA MI it was a very sad day we can’t forget easily, but then i give thanks to God for a life well spent BODA MI as I call u , Your legacy lives on inside some of us who pass through your mentorship cos it is reflecting in our individual life’s and I want to say thank you for that sir .

You are worth celebrating by so many whom you did Impact their lives in this great industry, it is sad that many don’t even remember they gain anything from you . But AWA OMO ORIRE will never ever forget you egbon mi we will Continue to make you proud as long as we live.

Continue to rest in his bossom Prince Muhydeen Agboola Alade Omo Aromire.”

The sincere message from the actress struck a chord with her followers and fans, who united in commemorating the enduring legacy of Alade Aromire. The comments section overflowed with cherished memories, words of thanks, and deep admiration for the late actor’s remarkable body of work, underscoring the profound influence he had on countless lives within the industry.