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“You bought a bag, not dollars”- Businesswoman, buyer clash over ownership of $1,000 found inside bale of bags

A Nigerian businesswoman ignited a contentious discussion on social media when she discovered $1,000, equivalent to approximately 1.4 million naira, inside a bag she sold to a customer.

The incident was documented in a video accompanied by the caption: “Found $1000 (1.4m Naira) inside our bag from our bale, and this lady claimed it’s hers. Please make a judgment.”

According to the businesswoman, who deals in bags imported in bales, she stated that she sold the bag for 4,000 naira.

However, before finalizing the transaction with the buyer, she decided to inspect the contents and discovered $1,000, equivalent to 1.4 million naira, inside.

Upon making this discovery, the buyer insisted that the money belonged to her, reasoning that since she had already paid for the bag, everything inside it was rightfully hers.

Contrarily, the seller maintained that although the bag had been paid for, she had not yet handed it over to the buyer at the time when the money was found inside.

Therefore, she argued that it rightfully belonged to her.

The video captured the ensuing argument between the two women, prompting discussions on social media.

See some reactions below:

MercyO: “My dear you bought a bag not dollars.”

Ella baby🌺🥺: “Just refund her make she Dey go.”

omolademee: “I think the woman that want to buy the bag is being selfish because the day I went to the woman beside my house to buy bag before she gave me the bag.”

Ajoke @: “I want to ask, if there was a gun inside the bag and after paying for the bag will she claim the bag and the gun?”

Ladyp_hairsense: “make una share d money. cos na she see d money nd she paid for it already.”

Sàvágé💎🔫💓: “You sold the bag for her sincerely speaking the money belongs to her.”

MercyO: “My dear you bought a bag not dollars.”

Lucy🦋💙: “Don’t sell the bag again refund her money let her go 😒. Cause how is the money hers when she hasn’t even touched it.”

Anthony Frances: “the money belongs to the woman that get the bale that is the rule as far as you check it their if is at home you are free to have the money.”

@ayoadefav123: “You should have search before selling it now she has paid then everything inside belongs to her..”

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