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“You can make more than N4m per week” – Hilda Baci shares secrets to making money as chef (Video)

Celebrity chef Hilda Bassey, widely recognized as Hilda Baci, recently made waves on social media by sharing invaluable insights on achieving success in the culinary world. In a captivating TikTok video that swiftly went viral, this entrepreneurial culinary sensation opened up about the key ingredients for turning a passion for cooking into a prosperous career.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, Hilda Baci started by emphasizing the importance of having a crystal-clear vision for aspiring chefs. She stressed that success in the culinary industry begins with a profound understanding of what one aims to achieve. Whether it’s becoming a renowned chef, launching a culinary business, or creating a unique food brand, having a well-defined goal is the starting point.

Furthermore, Hilda Baci highlighted the significance of a meticulously crafted action plan. She believes that a solid plan of action is the roadmap to culinary triumph. This plan should encompass various aspects, including culinary skills development, market research, branding, and financial management. By meticulously charting out these details, aspiring chefs can steer their careers in the right direction and navigate potential challenges with finesse.

Hilda Baci’s advice serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone aspiring to make it big in the world of cooking. Her journey from a passionate home cook to a celebrated chef and entrepreneur exemplifies the power of vision and determination in the culinary arts. As her TikTok video continues to inspire countless individuals, it’s evident that her wisdom will continue to shape the culinary dreams of generations to come.

Hilda Baci also disclosed how teaching others your culinary skills and strategies can be a lucrative source of income that can generate millions of naira. Having a cooking business as side hustle, chef can make about N4 million per month, according to the celebrity.

Her video has sparked a lot of interest and motivation among many people who dream of pursuing a successful career in the food industry.

Watch the video below:


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