“All of us dey the same boat with him, we all don use force collect things before” Daddy Freeze says as he drums up support for Sam Larry

In the weeks following the tragic demise of Mohbad, all eyes have remained firmly fixed on Sam Larry, and the controversy surrounding him continues to intensify. One notable personality who has come forward to offer support is Daddy Freeze.

The core of this controversy revolves around a widely circulated video depicting Sam Larry engaged in a physical altercation with Mohbad. Since Mohbad’s unfortunate passing, Sam Larry has been under intense scrutiny as the primary suspect.

Nonetheless, Daddy Freeze, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has publicly shown support for Sam Larry. In a recent live video, Daddy Freeze defended Sam Larry’s actions, asserting that, at some point in our lives, we’ve all resorted to force to pursue something we desire.

In a related development, Fanous9ja reported that another influential figure, Reno Omokri, expressed his support for Naira Marley, who has faced numerous accusations and suspicions in the wake of Mohbad’s tragic passing. Omokri empathized with Naira Marley, drawing from his own experience of being wrongly accused in the past. He shared that he had once faced false accusations, giving him insight into the ordeal.

Amid the growing rumors and allegations, Sam Larry took the initiative to address the situation. He released a press statement denying any involvement in Mohbad’s tragic death. According to Sam Larry, the altercation stemmed from a financial dispute and escalated from there. His statement aimed to set the record straight and assert his innocence.

However, a recent twist in the narrative has added complexity to the ongoing saga. A video emerged seemingly contradicting Sam Larry’s claims, showing him partying in Nigeria on August 26th, despite his earlier statement that he had left the country on August 20th. This revelation has left both fans and the media puzzled, further fueling questions and suspicions.