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All Yoruba Celebrities, Including Toyin Shuned Seun Egbegbe’s first Birthday After Being Released From Prison (Video)

Seun Egbegbe, a prominent figure in Nollywood as a filmmaker and producer, encountered a lack of acceptance from his peers during his birthday celebration.

Following his conviction for fraud by a Federal High Court in Lagos, Seun Egbegbe experienced a substantial blow to his reputation, resulting in him serving a lengthy prison sentence of six years and eight months.

Egbegbe was detained on February 10, 2017, after being accused of fraudulently obtaining funds from approximately 40 Bureaux De Change operators in different parts of Lagos. This deceptive behavior occurred over a period of two years, starting from 2015 and continuing until 2017.

His method of operation involved deceiving BDC operators by falsely asserting that he possessed Nigerian currency which he intended to exchange for foreign currencies.

On May 31st, Seun Egbegbe, a controversial 46-year-old personality in the Yoruba movie industry, commemorated his birthday. However, despite his efforts to express his joy on social media, many of his colleagues refrained from commenting or posting birthday wishes on their own social media accounts.

Unfazed by the lack of external celebration, Seun took it upon himself to mark the occasion. He shared a photograph of himself accompanied by a caption that stated, “I am plus 1 today. Happy birthday to me.”

In another post, he wrote, “Still my day. Thank you, Father Lord.”

See his post below: