Actress Iya Rainbow Discusses Her Experience As a Single Mother When Her Husband Passed Away While She Was Just 25 Years Old (DETAILS)

During a captivating episode of Teju Babyface’s show, the iconic veteran actress Esther Idowu Philips, popularly known as Iya Rainbow, mesmerized her fans by sharing remarkable revelations.

In the interview, she candidly delved into the hardships she encountered as a single mother raising five children. Iya Rainbow disclosed the heartbreaking incident of losing her husband in 1984 when she was approximately 25 or 26 years old.

In contemplation of her past, she courageously acknowledged that her marriage had been anything but pleasant. Nevertheless, she expressed profound gratitude to God for bestowing her with incredible children.

Drawing attention to her point, she underscored the challenges of finding happiness while raising non-biological children. Nevertheless, she wholeheartedly acknowledged the understanding and support her children have consistently shown her.

Despite limited resources, she shared amusing anecdotes of how they made the most out of what they had. With humor, she recounted instances where even a humble meal like Garri, a local Nigerian food made from cassava, turned into a delightful experience. They would elegantly use toothpicks to clean their teeth, as if they had just indulged in a lavish feast.

Iya Rainbow recalled the difficult times when she would go to the market with a mere N150 (Nigerian currency) to purchase affordable ingredients such as pepper, tomatoes, and Garri, ensuring their survival. She emphasized that this was necessary to secure funds for their education, as there was no father figure to provide for them.

Furthermore, she openly expressed her lack of interest in remarrying, confessing her reservations towards men. While she acknowledged that they hadn’t personally wronged her, she questioned why her husband had passed away, which had a lasting impact on her perspective on relationships.

Iya Rainbow’s candid revelations on Teju Babyface’s show deeply resonated with her fans, highlighting the immense strength and resilience she demonstrated in overcoming her challenging circumstances as a single mother.