“How much do you even have that you are too proud and arrogant”- Islamic cleric blast Lizzy Anjorin (Watch)

A respected Islamic cleric and scholar recently provided valuable counsel to the well-known Nigerian actress, Lizzy Anjorin, regarding her conduct on social media platforms.

Using his own social media platform, the cleric addressed Lizzy Anjorin’s inclination towards displaying boastful and prideful behavior on social media.

He conveyed, “Alhaja, if you happen to come across this message by the grace of God, I urge you to consider my advice seriously.”

I have recently watched some of your videos, and people have taken your words to use them against you. The truth is, if someone listens carefully to your words, they are filled with pride. For example, you say things like, “Can you see my chain? Can you see my gold? I have been using it even before the Chinese started producing it. I was the first person to use it before Saudi Arabia.” There are many more statements that come across as pompous.

Certainly, God blesses you, and people will surely envy you. However, you can’t defend yourself with show-off, and that is what you are doing.”

Watch the video below: