Nigerian Students Voice Discontent as Babcock University Allegedly Raises School Fees from N1.5M to N2.1M

Babcock University is currently a hot topic on Twitter, with discussions swirling around its alleged steep increase in school fees, as revealed in circulating online information.

Students took to social media to express their concerns, stating that the university has raised fees from N1.5M to N2.1M.

Additionally, medical students at Babcock medical college, who were previously paying N3.5M, are now reportedly facing a fee hike to N6.5M.

A Twitter user identified as @FavourUturu tweeted; “If you See the way Babcock take increase school fees ehn, 😭😭 from 1.5m to 2.1m, allowance no sure for me next semester.”

@unknowngeee23: It’s Friday payday!!! @digitstem They just increased our school fees today A farmer will be paying almost 2 mil per semester Nice one Babcock.

@one_gis: learned medical skills to benefit the community and society at large. Training a child at a Babcock medical college is quite expensive and does not come cheap. 3.5 million per annum for school fees alone during her time; it is now 6.5 million per annum, but her parents did it.

@official_cecee: It’s crazy that Babcock is increasing school fees but we literally have to pay out of pocket for some medications, space is not even enough in some halls & the quality of life is not even going to get better.

@ehime_emmanue: After paying over one million as babcock school fees, I want to see the yeye HR that will tell me that he will pay me 250k.

@arramiiidee: not Babcock making the school fees 4m Lmfao

__sharon.xx: And some wey just still get block heads just still dey inside there o😂😂 After paying 2.1m the child come turn yahoo boy later😂🥱.

thestudentconnectv: Imagine paying 2.1 million per semester only to finish and start selling Lingerie. Yes I have a friend who finished from babcock and is now selling lingeries and s£X toys.

adedamolabtc_001: At the end of the day, you go finish and go dey shout “come on, you can’t get this wear price elsewhere, it’s giving” for WhatsApp. Las las school for Nigeria na scam. As you dey go school, find a lucrative job skill and learn.

o1nvs: Aseju ni Babcock , Federal Poly ti wa ok ✅ Kindly watch my reels.

pec.kiee: Just study abroad if you have that kind of money oo, it’s better atleast you can work while schooling to pay the remaining money.

iam_dexin: Rich kids don’t complain ok? Your Daddy & Mommy got you covered.