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“She’s too beautiful” – Lady who behaves like AI Robot flaunts her beauty in four different traditional attires

Nigerian lady Jadro Lita, renowned for her robot-like character, has garnered widespread attention and admiration for her recent appearances in various traditional attires.

In a rapidly spreading video, Jadro Lita was showcased donning traditional attire from diverse Nigerian tribes, such as Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, and Benin.

With seamless integration, the talented individual effortlessly melded her robotic persona with the vibrant cultural essence of each tribe, captivating viewers with her unique and innovative displays.

The video shows Jadro Lita greeting people in their native languages and demonstrating how a king is traditionally greeted in each tribe.

Social media users were quick to shower praise on Jadro Lita for her impeccable portrayal of the different traditional attires.

Many commented on her beauty and charm.

“Good evening and greetings to the various kings of the major tribes in Nigeria! Represent your tribe.” her video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

@davidjatto226 said; “Edo people gather here.

@Big Lady_LIVE commented; “You’re too beautiful.”

@so help me God reacted; “Even esan girl chose Yoruba first. Where are my Yoruba brothers and sisters?

@T.I.G said; “OYA all my Yoruba people gather here.”

@stephen___celeb said; “Long live the Benin kingdom.”

@Ruthana said; “I watched it more than 5 times.”

@Ella_amor said; “You’re too gorgeous, Lita.”

@may27 GEMINI said; “Edo dressing is so beautiful. I’m proud of my tradition.”

@She said; “We are waiting for u to do Ghana. Tag me in that post. I can’t wait.”

@M _Guru said; “You look amazing in all.”

@gloriaokpo commented; “Impressive. Please, wear the Ibibio/Efik attire.” 

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