“Some of you will be buried beside gutter, reduce the volume of your fake life” – Portable advice celebrities

Controversial singer Portable has turned to social media to offer guidance to his fellow entertainers who are entangled in the realm of ostentatious pretense.

Portable’s commentary comes in the wake of a video showcasing the burial of singer Mohbad, which ignited widespread criticism from those who believed the chosen burial site was not befitting for his final resting place.

According to Portable, people insulted him because he built a house in the trenches, not knowing that he had so many other houses, about 10 of them.

He said: “Reduce the volume of your fake life make your helper no con dey call you mentor. Some people will be buried beside gutters when they die, dey do fake life. If you die, you no get house, you no get any place. Una go dey make us dey run, you go post house sey you buy house, you buy motor, so no be your own, na your friend buy am, dey cover your friend.

All those celebrities, no be all of them get house , no be all of them get motor, dey no get where dem dey stay. Some people have all their clothes in their car. If you be celebrity wey you get money, show face, we know people wey get money, we know people wey be say na ‘alakada’, some people would still get buried beside gutters.

“Some people when they die, the Lekki they have been shouting, they won’t be buried there. Even in the trenches, they would still be buried beside gutters because they didn’t buy land in the trenches talkless of building on it.

Watch him speaks below: