“The Reason I Told God I don’t need a Husband anymore; all I need is a guy to..” Bakare Laide Reveal

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare happily commemorates her daughter’s birthday on September 3rd, expressing her deep affection and admiration for her.

In the days preceding her daughter’s special day, Laide Bakare utilized her Instagram platform to celebrate her mini-me. She posted heartfelt photos of her daughter and took a moment to reminisce about her own 25th birthday, where she had earnestly offered prayers to God.

Laide Bakare revealed that she had specifically requested a daughter from God instead of a husband, and today, her prayers have been granted, bringing her immense happiness. Extending heartfelt birthday wishes to her daughter, she shared that her little one’s birthday wish was for everyone to follow her on social media.

After celebrating her daughter’s birthday, Laide Bakare expressed her gratitude to God for granting her wish of having a daughter instead of a husband. She affectionately wished her daughter, @simlineboss, a happy birthday and mentioned that the birthday girl’s request was for everyone to follow her on social media. Laide emphasized her daughter’s exceptional vibes and expressed appreciation to those who followed her.

In a previous report from July, it was highlighted that Simi, Laide Bakare’s teenage daughter, made headlines by gifting her younger brother a luxurious Benz worth millions of naira on his 9th birthday. Simi had returned to Nigeria to celebrate the Sallah holiday with her family.

Laide Bakare proudly shared Simi’s arrival on her Instagram pages, posting photos and conveying her love and gratitude. She also thanked her worldwide fans for their support and encouraged them to conveniently shop from anywhere in the world.

Since her return, Simi has been making significant strides in the business world, recently making her debut in Nollywood. Following in her mother’s footsteps, the 13-year-old daughter of the actress is embarking on her acting journey.

Laide Bakare shared a video of Simi on a movie set, expressing her joy at witnessing her daughter’s performance. Laide described the experience of directing her boss as fulfilling and praised Simi’s talent and dramatic flair.

Furthermore, Laide announced that they would be taking over Canada for the premiere of the movie “Kishiiandkiyee,” in which Simi has a starring role.

“Because you’re a drama queen, I decided to cast you in #kishiiandkiyee, the masterpiece by the master herself. Directing my boss @simlineboss has been so fulfilling on this set. Can’t wait to share it with you soon. The movie will premiere for the first time in Canada on September 10th, 2022. Canada, get ready!”