Actress Shaffy Bello Explains why she had to leave her loving Husband of 25 years.

Renowned Nigerian actress Shaffy Bello recently shared insights about the factors leading to the dissolution of her 25-year marriage during a candid interview with media personality Chude.

Shaffy openly revealed that her former husband, Mr. Akinrimisi, was living in the United States while she continued to reside in Nigeria. The geographical separation between them became a prominent cause of unease for her.

While recognizing her ex-husband’s commendable qualities as a father, Shaffy ultimately faced the difficult choice of terminating their marriage due to the inherent challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Shaffy, a mother of two, revealed that she used to frequently travel between Nigeria and the United States to meet her ex-husband. However, there came a moment when she realized that she desired something more from their relationship.

Shaffy said: “He [my ex-husband] was a good father to his children. But I got to a place where I wanted more. And I would always travel back and forth.

But I knew at a point that if I really want this, it came with a sacrifice. It wasn’t a sacrifice of marriage, but then he being there [USA] and the distance didn’t help.”