“You are very selfish and rud€ for saying those words to your senior colleague” Yomi Fabiyi troll Mr Latin (Video)

Yomi Fabiyi expresses his disapproval of fellow Nollywood actor Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr Latin, for his remarks concerning veteran actors.

Famous9ja reported that the President of TAMPAN defended himself by clarifying that actors seeking assistance are not connected to the association.

In reaction, Yomi Fabiyi advises Mr Latin to avoid responding to every social media news item.

In addressing the President of TAMPAN, Bolaji Amusan, also known as Mr Latin, Yomi Fabiyi suggests that he should consider appointing a Special Adviser on Media to review his statements and prevent any further errors.

Fabiyi emphasizes that Mr Latin holds the position of president within TAMPAN, representing professionals in the association, and not solely a president of social media. Fabiyi advises Mr Latin to exercise caution and take his time before responding to issues.

He reiterates his earlier recommendation for Mr Latin to have a Special Adviser on Media who can thoroughly review and censor statements. Fabiyi acknowledges that being human, mistakes can occur, as exemplified by Mr Latin’s denial of actors seeking help being members of TAMPAN. Fabiyi emphasizes the importance of honesty in their conversation.

Watch the video below;