How Bigvai Jokotoye, a US-based Actor, Contributed to the Breakdown of Bukola Arugba’s Marriage (Details)

Bigvai Jokotoye, a Nigerian actor based in the United States, has become the subject of widespread attention as fans speculate about his potential involvement in the alleged marriage crisis of Bukola Arguba.

These speculations arose after a throwback photo of Bigvai and Bukola in a loving embrace was shared by BBC NEWS YORUBA.

Numerous fans in the comment section of the BBC post are suggesting that Bigvai and Bukola were previously romantically involved. They propose that Bukola recently traveled to the United States to reconcile with him, resulting in her marriage crisis.

In response to the rumors and speculation, Bigvai clarifies the situation by asserting that the photo was taken on the set of a movie several years ago, where Bukola played the role of his girlfriend.

He further explains that the movie, titled “Aja Eko,” was directed by his boss, Don Richard Donking. In an attempt to dismiss the heated comments under the post, he humorously notes that some people in this world can be quite irrational.

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