“I’m 30 Years Old” – Lady Weep, says people mistake her for 19-year-old girl (Video)

Alicia Dannelle, who recently marked her 30th birthday, voiced her exasperation regarding the recurring instances where she is erroneously perceived as a 17-year-old girl.

Alicia’s video, which quickly gained viral status, showcased her proud display of a youthful and striking appearance, captivating online users who were astounded by her ability to defy the effects of aging.

In the video, Alicia expressed her lamentation over the persistent disbelief she encounters whenever she honestly reveals her true age.

Some users in the comments section agreed with her, acknowledging that she appears significantly younger than her actual age, while others remained skeptical.

User user4522957290973 commented, “Why do most people find it hard to believe someone’s age? It’s because many individuals project a mature image while still being young, just like me at 30 with three children.”

stellabrown185 said, “When I turn 30, people think I’m 35. I’m just tired of this perception.”

NABI reacted by saying, “My own elder sister looks 20 even though she is 32. I greatly admire her. I always desired to possess her beauty and body type.”

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