“I Better Pass Your Baba”– Damola Olatunji Reply Fans Who Mocked Him

Damola Olatunji, a well-known Nigerian actor, recently responded to a fan’s derogatory comment on social media. The incident occurred after Damola shared a video of his enjoyable moments at Tinubu’s inauguration party in Abuja. Alongside the video, he included a caption expressing his joy and gratitude, saying, “Hallelu haaaleeeluuu halleluyah ❤️ #unstoppable #renewedhope #sonofGrace #emperorspeople.”

On Damola Olatunji’s post, a fan using the username “sharon_scot_th” left a comment where they referred to him as “Alatenuje, Oloko give away” and suggested that he should prioritize paying his twins’ school fees.

In the comment, the fan wrote, “Atenu, ONIJEKUJE, carry on… They must have given you change from your Abuja trip 🙄, but make sure you use it to pay the school fees of your twins. Oloko give away!”

Damola Olatunji swiftly responded to the fan’s comment with a composed message. He wrote, “Verified @sharon_scot_th, I am not like your father… my children’s education is of utmost importance” along with a love emoji.

Damola Olatunji’s composed reaction garnered significant attention. Fans and followers of the actor applauded him for his handling of the situation.

This incident took place shortly after Damola’s wife made an announcement on social media about their separation.