“What Transpired between me and Mo bimpe” Yomi Fabiyi finally opens up on his relationship with Mo Bimpe (video)

Prominent figure in Nollywood, Yomi Fabiyi, has chosen to present his perspective on his relationship with his younger colleague, Mo Bimpe, also known as Bimpe Oyebade.

Voicing his dismay, Yomi Fabiyi addressed the misunderstandings surrounding his disagreements with Mo Bimpe, highlighting his contribution to her growth and professional development.

Recalling the events that led to their first encounter, Yomi Fabiyi disclosed that Mo Bimpe had initiated contact with him through a message while he was in the midst of preparations for the release of a new film.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, their initial encounter occurred in 2016 while he was working on his movie. During that time, Mo Bimpe, who was serving as a youth corps member, expressed her interest in pursuing an acting career.

Yomi Fabiyi took it upon himself to mentor her for the role she played in the film, despite her limited experience. He made sure that prominent Nollywood artists involved in the project weren’t discouraged by her lack of expertise.

Yomi Fabiyi emphasized his active involvement in Mo Bimpe’s career and the support he provided to facilitate her growth in the industry.

He recounted the process of grooming her for the specific role she portrayed, and how he bridged the gap to ensure that established Nollywood actors and actresses involved in the movie weren’t put off by her inexperience.

Yomi Fabiyi vehemently denied any allegations of a sexual relationship with Mo Bimpe, asserting that his interactions with her were solely focused on training and mentoring her in the Nollywood profession.

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